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                                                                  OUT OF KILTER

                                 some views of how our country is looking at this war

The almost 5 year War in Iraq has us "out of kilter".  The polls show us as a people opposed to the War.  Yet, it goes on.  We don't quite know how to react or what to do.  We feel responsible to try to fix problems we started in a culture we don't really understand.  We support our troops but aren't outraged to the point of bringing them home.  We know energy plays a role in driving the war, but aren't ready to sacrifice our own dependence on oil.  Protests bring out dedicated long time volunteers, but few young people.  Lists of the dead have moved to the back pages of papers and there can be an almost chilling indifference to our losses.

                                                                                Rusty Leffel 1/1/08